Tina Redding - Omaha Makeup Artist

Welcome To Simply Gorgeous

Let me make you Simply Gorgeous for any and all occasions! There’s no need to go anywhere because I go to you!
I am a free-lance makeup artist who also does spray tanning. I love the beauty business because making women feel beautiful is like a pay check for the heart….there is nothing better than that. My talents come from being an artist my whole life, so the face is my canvas and the makeup is my paint. I have a keen eye for color and have a touch of the perfectionism bug! I feel that making my clients feel comfortable with me is key;  I feel that making my clients feel comfortable with me is key and I always have my clients best interest because I listen to what they want..
I am available for whatever occasion it is that you need: brides/weddings, fitness competitions, model shoots, prom, dance/cheerleading competitions, or even a special night out. I do it all!

Who Is Simply Gorgeous

We strive to make everyone Simply Gorgeous! Through anyone of our amazing Spray Tans to Makeup packages.

What we Offer

Spray Tans 94%
Competition Spray Tans 93%
Competition Makeup 89%
Wedding Makeup 59%

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